Flexitime Account

Any hours in excess of the monthly hourly limit are credited to a flexitime account and can be used individually. All employees are paid the same amount of hours per month. If they do not reach the target number of hours, the remaining hours are deducted from their saved time account. AUGEL employees thus benefit from flexible working hours and a steady income.

Value Account

As the only construction company in Germany, Augel has introduced a long-term/value time account/lifetime working time account, which allows employees to save up hours for longer-term release from work, parental leave, care leave or early retirement protected by social insurance regulations. The value time accounts are certified by the pension insurance company and covered by a guarantee.

"Free Friday"

At Augel it's a tradition! Every first Friday of the month is off for our industrial employees. It is possible to arrange and keep private appointments on that day. This creates planning security for employees and the company!

13th Monthly Salary

Every year...Augel offers a Christmas bonus for all employees! We also pay an additional holiday bonus!

Capital-Forming Payments

Based on collective agreements, we pay capital formation benefits to our industrial, technical and commercial employees and trainees. Our industrial employees receive capital-forming payments of € 0.13 per hour worked (employer's allowance). They pay € 0.02 per hour worked (own contribution) from their wages, in order to have these invested by the employer.

For employees and foremen the employer's allowance is €23.52 per month. At least €3.07 from their monthly salary will be invested by us as a personal contribution. For trainees, the same employer's contributions and amounts of personal contribution apply as for employees.

Modern Workspace

Our offices are modern and functionally equipped. Each workplace has height-adjustable tables and comfortable desk chairs that can be adapted to individual needs. With the construction of a new office building in 2017, not only 12 new workplaces were created, but also the interior design was renewed and modernized. Our office employees work in a bright, open and communicative environment.
Please feel free to get your own impression of our working environment - Click here for our virtual office tour!

Free Space

Here at AUGEL we combine profitability and humanity in a unique way. Each team member with his / her skills and strengths is an important part of the entire team. By creating free space, we actively promote freedom of decision, responsibility and self-initiative. In addition, the creativity of all employees is encouraged. Flat hierarchies promote short communication and decision-making paths, which further improves process flows and makes them leaner and more efficient.

Personal Development

In more than 20 training courses offered per year, not only expert knowledge is taught. Augel also promotes and supports the employees' personal development. A special Augel-specific training format is the "construction etiquette" for the optimization of customer orientation. The training is based on the maxim: "There is no second chance for the first impression - professional appearance and customer-oriented behaviour for industrial employees". Based on this workshop series, a "service primer" in the form of a paperback book was created so that employees can always keep the most important information with them.

Our administration team also regularly takes part in training courses. For them, a special series of workshops started in 2017, using special exercises and examples to teach them how to "reach goals more easily" through increased peace of mind in their working environment. The workshops are based on the "7 ways to effectiveness", according to Steven Covey, which have been taught to every new Augel administrative employee for many years, in order to sensitize them to the principles of personal and professional success.

"On the Move"

At Augel there is always something going on and our employees are often on the move. Therefore, we pay a proportionate compensation for the time spent travelling from the company headquarters to the construction site. We pay the full compensation of the additional expenses for meals of 14€/day for more than 8 hours of absence, and 28€/day for more than 24 hours of absence. In addition, we provide company vehicles for the trips to the construction sites.

Augel clothes

All of our industrial employees receive standardized T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. These work clothes can be easily reordered by our employees in our own store. Augel also covers the full costs for protective goggles and work glasses for monitors - also for our administration team!

Modern Technical Equipment

We provide our construction site employees with the latest technology and thus create innovative solutions in the construction process. Our employees receive a tablet or laptop on which they can document individual steps as well as communicate and share them with their colleagues. The company also benefits from this, as internal processes become leaner and faster.