Here in Weibern it was always nice to work. On the site, warehouses, workshop halls and large shelves were built and the administration building was doubled.


A self-evident fact for us, this term is associated with the feeling of origin. For us even more than a feeling.


The Eifelans, they are really good. Where the earth used to spit and bang, we have now learned how to handle pumice and basalt. An excellent training for the building industry. Tradition and craftsmanship transposed into the technology of modern times. Welcome to Building 4.0


Nationwide availability according to definition and in the declared area an unconditional 24 hour availability 365 days a year - at short notice. This service is contractually documented. Main location is in Weibern. Branch offices are located in the Baden area south of Karlsruhe and on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony.