Our promise

As a family-owned company with a deep rooted tradition, we work with foresight and with a focus on the next generations. Therefore, we assume social, ecological and economic responsibility 365 days a year.

In diesem Sinne verpflichten wir uns…

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    We are committed to assuming social responsibility in our society.

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    We are committed to protecting our environment, to conserving natural resources and to using environmentally friendly materials.

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    Sichere und gesundheitsgerechte Arbeitsbedingungen zum Schutz der Gesundheit unserer Mitarbeiter, Kunden und projektbeteiligten Dritten bereitzustellen, und uns für die Vermeidung von Verletzungen und Erkrankungen einzusetzen.

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    We are committed to inform, involve and train our employees.
    We promote quality, environmental, occupational safety and health-conscious behaviour.

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    We assume responsibility for complying with binding specifications including legal regulations.

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    We handle data worthy of protection in a responsible manner.

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    We are committed to systematically identifying, eliminating, assessing and minimising risks.

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    We are committed to using our integrated management system and to developing it further on the basis of internal audits and management reviews. In doing so, the aspects of quality management, environmental protection, health and safety at work are considered in a process-oriented and holistic way.