New construction

Gas pipelines are divided into sections by valve groups and can be controlled via the so-called slide valves. The valve groups are not only responsible for organisational tasks, but also for providing safety in the gas pipeline network. They can also be used to block off pipeline routes in order to avoid accidents in case of problems.

Augel offers services around the new construction and conversion of valve groups:

  • Construction of all foundations
  • Implementation of the required media channels
  • Construction of access roads, fencing and enclosures

In addition, Augel offers maintenance and repair work. Slide valve groups require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that all systems are in perfect working order in case of problems. Our work includes among other things

  • Test for operability
  • Feasibility test
  • Inspection and renewal of lubrication on moving parts
  • Exposure of slide groups under "Ex-protection" conditions in case of defects

Maintenance work can also be regulated by means of maintenance contracts. This ensures regular inspection and maintenance for you, the operator.