Personal Development

In more than 20 training courses offered per year, not only expert knowledge is taught. Augel also promotes and supports the employees' personal development. A special Augel-specific training format is the "construction etiquette" for the optimization of customer orientation. The training is based on the maxim: "There is no second chance for the first impression - professional appearance and customer-oriented behaviour for industrial employees". Based on this workshop series, a "service primer" in the form of a paperback book was created so that employees can always keep the most important information with them.

Our administration team also regularly takes part in training courses. For them, a special series of workshops started in 2017, using special exercises and examples to teach them how to "reach goals more easily" through increased peace of mind in their working environment. The workshops are based on the "7 ways to effectiveness", according to Steven Covey, which have been taught to every new Augel administrative employee for many years, in order to sensitize them to the principles of personal and professional success.