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Ultra high strength
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With ingbeton, PlannIng GmbH, a partner of Augel GmbH and member of the Chamber of Engineers, has launched a new, ultra-high strength industrial floor on the market in 2018.

The concrete with a particularly dense microstructure has a low porosity, which results in a low water absorption coefficient. This makes the floor durable and resistant and predestines it for use in surfaces subject to chemical and high point loads. In addition, the cement content of ingbeton is extremely high, which is why it hardens quickly and thus also provides optimum properties for time-critical renovation measures of stressed surfaces - whether in public transport or in industrial plants. The industrial floor with a minimum low construction of 46 mm and surfaces with few joints can be installed on all load-bearing substrates.

Augel GmbH is a certified installer for the ultra-high strength concrete floor with the general building authority approval no. Z-74-1-149 of DIBt.

You can find more about ingbeton at www.planning.plus