Sicherheitsbereich Augel-2012-0039-Pipelinebau RMR Westleitung Kamp-Lintfort

Working in safety critical areas. Our specially trained specialist groups perform the work in compliance with the hazard prevention regulations and the guidelines of the respective areas of application: On pipelines, transformer systems, tank farms, filling stations, gas installations, explosion protection zones.

The special field of pipeline construction requires special techniques. For working in safety areas with gas, electricity, liquids and contamination, Augel offers the technical applications and the program for a smooth sequence of measures and the logistically targeted approach for working hand in hand.

  • Exposure with minimized risk of damage by the suction dredger
  • Pipe cutting and pipe milling with own machines
  • Removal of damaged coatings by sand and water blasting - High performance abrasion
  • New coating of the pipes with a polyurethane jacket.

The use of special techniques guarantees quality, value retention and profitability in pipeline construction.